The table is set. You've invested your heart and soul into this event, and as the time approaches you begin to reflect on the decisions leading up to this point. Today the decor and food choice seems to pale in significance to the officiant who will spearhead the event.

My name is Dana and I want to make your event a success. I offer 17 years of non-denominational ministry and professional event planning experience. My public speaking experience spans 14 years, 16 states and two foreign countries.

Many couples wrestle with the question of who should officiate their wedding, especially if they don't have a church or a Pastor who knows their names. As an ordained minister, I believe in the power of love, regardless of the level of spirituality. I feel that spiritualizing a wedding for a not-so-spiritual couple is a disservice to them. Everything about a wedding personifies the couple, so I match the ceremony with the couple's spirituality and represent them by my words.

The most hectic part of my own wedding (literally) was navigating the wedding license procedures. I will help guide you through this, and will assume the responsibility of verifying and submitting your license after the wedding -- that's no time to concern yourself with paperwork!

When you call to set up your free consultation we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, so I can learn about what you want in your wedding script. After your consultation and also upon receiving the $200 downpayment I will send you a custom script in a Word document by e-mail. You can make changes, and then return it via e-mail. Then you will receive a full draft of your customized wedding ceremony for your approval prior to the big day.

Please don't hesitate to email or call (602-312-8505), so you can get a better sense of what I'm like. I look forward to meeting you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
1. In which states and communities are you licensed to officiate ceremonies?

All fifty states.

2. Can we read or hear your ceremony before our wedding day?


3. Will you allow us to write our own vows?

Absolutely. This is often the most powerful part of the ceremony, and I highly recommend it.

4. Do you have a back up officiant on call, in case of an emergency?

Yes, I have three.

5. Do you normally attend the reception?

Yes, if invited and if my schedule is open. It's not conventional for the officiant to stay, but some couples are non-conventional, so I flow with it.

6. How long does the ceremony usually last?

It entirely depends on the preferences of the couple and number of events within the ceremony. Most fall between 12-40 minutes.

7. Will you marry couples of different faiths or previous divorce?

Yes. My conviction is that all couples have the right to marry, and that society benefits from the institution of marriage. It is the responsibility of the couple to determine their own compatibility and preparedness.

8. What documents do I need to bring to our first meeting?

Just ideas. At the ceremony you will need your license.

9. How long after the ceremony do you file for the official marriage license?

After the signing I stamp and mail the license the next business day.

10. What kind of pre-wedding counseling is required, if any?

None, though my wife and I do offer it.

11. What are your rates?

See below.

12. How far are you willing to travel? Is there a travel fee?

I will travel wherever love blossoms. My wife and I offer destination weddings for the extra-adventurous. I do charge a modest fee to cover gas and other costs.

13. What is your event cancellation policy?

If you need to postpone the wedding, let me know right away, and also let me know the new date. If I have the new date open I will simply change the date on our calendar. If I am booked, however, 50% of the deposit will be forfeited in that scenario.

14. What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy?

I maintain a reputation for excellence and prefer referrals to advertising leads, so failures on my part will be compensated with these factors in mind. I limit my responsibility to no more than the total amount of this contract.

15. What are your standard payment terms?

50% to secure the date. The remainder is due after the ceremony.

16. What makes you different from other local wedding officiants? Why should someone hire you?

I offer 17 years of non-denominational ministry and professional event planning experience. My public speaking experience spans 14 years, 16 states and two foreign countries.

Package Investment:
All packages include a free consultation and custom scripts.

    Ceremony Package: $350

    Rehearsal / Ceremony Package: $490

    Ceremony / Video Package: $890
(Includes professional sound and HD videography)

    Rehearsal / Ceremony / Video Package: $990
(Includes professional sound and HD videography)

Optional Premarital Counseling Session(s): $75/ea.
Out-of-town surcharge: Call me (i.e. $125 for Tucson, Flagstaff or Sedona)

Ceremony fees cover:
    • Meeting you for an interview (including travel time)
    • Designing and producing your personal wedding ceremony
    • Staying in touch through emails and by phone
    • Providing you with receipts
    • Travel to your wedding (including travel time)
    • Your general pre-ceremony coordination
    • Officiating your wedding ceremony
    • Offering a special "Wedding Blessing" at the rehearsal dinner (upon request)
    • Assuring your license properly signed, verified and sent to county clerk for filing
    • Record keeping, Website hosting, design, and the advertising it costs to find me ;o)

You can reach me at 602-312-8505 or by Email

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Jared & Ashlee w/ Dana SalsburyM.Th

Jorge & Lesa w/ Dana SalsburyM.Th

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